14 Holiday Weed Gifts for Every Budget

14 Holiday Weed Gifts for Every Budget

‘Twas just weeks before Christmas, and all was harmonic,
 every creature was blazing the best of the chronic!
The bong had been packed by the roommate with care,
 in hopes that a solid buzz soon would be there.
The hippies were smiling, grinding their regs,
while visions of Hot Pockets baked in their heads.
A bowl full of dank and all is quite zen, let’s spark up this blunt and shop for a friend!

Disclaimer: These suggestions and reviews in this stoner gift guide are unsolicited! No one here at 4TT received any compensation or free products in exchange for including the items in this list! Happy Holiblaze 4TT!

1. The Knockout: Ultimate Beer Bong Attachment – $38.99

The Knockout: Ultimate Beer Bong Attachment

You didn’t know you needed a wacky-looking apparatus that converts any ordinary beer bottle into a beer shotgun, water pipe, AND gravity pipe in one — but now that you know that it exists, why not?

2. Eyce Mold and Accessory Kit – $79.99

“Scientifically proven to be the coldest hit on the market,” says (We’ll be the judge of that!) So you add water, freeze, and (somewhat later) hit a bong made entirely of ice, sounds cool. The seven-piece Eyce Mold kit is a little pricey at $79.99 but, unlike glass, it’s easy to clean up when your stoned bud drops it on the floor — Just freeze yourself a new one!

3. Stoner Smoke & Sketch – $13.18

Stoner Smoke & Sketch

If your bud loves to Wake, Bake, and Create, there’s this reasonably priced hardcover spiral-bound notebook of special scratch-away rainbow-colored paper. Use the included pencil to scratch away the pages’ black coating to reveal rainbow colors beneath. What else would you expect from author Dr. Seymour Kindbud than 128 pages of trippy goodness?

4. 50 Piece Glow in the Dark Marijuana Weed Pot Leafs – $12.95

50 Piece Glow in the Dark Marijuana Weed Pot Leafs

Who wouldn’t want to turn out the lights to enjoy a constellation of glowing pot leafs on the ceiling? “Not me” said no one, ever. This batch contains 50 leafs of various sizes ranging from 1.25 inches to 2.25 inches, which look sort of ivory while exposed to daylight, and then glow bright green for one to two hours when the lights go out. And if that wasn’t enough, they glow continuously under blacklight!

5. So You Wanna Be a Dealer: The Business of Marijuana (Kindle Edition) – Free!

So You Wanna Be a Dealer: The Business of Marijuana (Kindle Edition)

If your bud grows more herb than she can smoke, and also has a Kindle (or can download the free Kindle Reader app), you’re in luck. No one is advocating breaking any laws here, but our lovely First Amendment does allow us to write books about illegal activity, and to read said books. You won’t be able to wrap up the info contained in these pages as a gift, but an e-card with a link to this free book should do for at least a chuckle from your more, shall we say, “enterprising” stoner friend.

6. Marijuana USA Flag (3′ x 5′) – $8.13

Marijuana USA Flag (3' x 5')

Festival-goers and dorm room dwellers rejoice! It’s a flag! It’s a cape! It’s a scarf! It might even serve as a blanket on which to rest those hippy bones. Every stoner needs a freak flag to fly — and nothing says “Legalize already, America” like a stars-and-stripes-styled weed flag.

7. Albert Einstein Smoking Colors T-Shirt – $12.99

Albert Einstein Smoking Colors T-Shirt

Didn’t know Einstein smoked! Well how does anyone start theorizing about gravity and relativity and light in vacuums and… umm… stuff, if you’re not sneaking a little hash into your pipe? OK, well maybe he wasn’t smoking the ganja, but it is true Einstein was against any government intrusion into personal freedoms. And we’re pretty sure that includes smoking shit-tons of weed.

8. RAW Rolling Kit – $9.29

RAW Rolling Kit

Get your buds rolling with this affordable kit by Raw, which includes a relatively sturdy tray, a roller made from hemp plastic, and two packs of the papers so many know and love. If you’ve never used Raw products before, they’re some of the most popular in the industry — and for good reason. First, the company is environmentally friendly, and second the quality remains respectable in a market sometimes dominated by cheaper products.

9. THC Molecule Necklace Marijuana Pendant (Gold Plated 18k) – $45.00

THC Molecule Necklace Marijuana Pendant (Gold Plated 18k)

A more subtle expression of a gal’s love of the Tetrahydrocannabinol (the psychoactive compound in marijuana), this snazzy necklace is plated in 18k gold so it won’t turn anyone’s skin green — leave that to smoking way too much weed.

10. Econoled Compact Electric Herb Grinder – $10.89

Econoled Compact Electric Herb Grinder

Your bud smokes a lot of joints. And not just joints. Your bud smokes a lot of blunts, too. Actually, come to think of it, your bud smokes a lot. Period. Available in a variety of colors, this herb grinder is perfect for the toker who grinds so much weed they need the magic of machinery to help. Also, it should help your arthritic grandma grind her green, and your carpel tunnel-ed co-worker crush that Cannabis.

11. Grunge Off Super Soaker Glass Pipe Cleaner (16oz) – $14.98

Grunge Off Super Soaker Glass Pipe Cleaner (16oz)

Sure there are a lot of glass cleaners on the market but this one is 4TT tested and approved (unsolicited). Salt and rubbing alcohol works well too, but the cool thing about Grunge Off is it is specially formulated for glass, and won’t damage your baby. It’s also made in the USA of non-toxic, eco-friendly substances and requires no shaking (if you’ve ever shook your glass right out of your hands during cleaning, you know why this is important). Best part: it’s REUSEABLE. That’s right, strain it through a coffee filter and reuse that stuff again and again!

12. Bong Buddy Retractable Lighter Leash – $7.99

Bong Buddy Retractable Lighter Leash

Your buddy comes home after a long day, packs a nice bowl, loads the ice and — of course — there’s no lighter. Pick them up one of these elastic attachments, which will keep their lighter on a leash. Your buddy will thank you, after they smoke that bowl, of course.

13. Crafty Vaporizer Complete Set – $330.00

Crafty Vaporizer Complete Set

The staff at 4TT has tried a lot of dry-herb setups. Like, a LOT. And none so far has really rivaled the Crafty when it comes to operation, portability, durability, and overall experience. The Crafty vaporizer is controlled through an app on your smartphone, with a nice ‘set it and forget it’ feature. No fiddling with temp controls or buttons — just pack, power up and vape. (Super-secret tip: save your vaped herbs for making butter.) The quality is at the high-end of the vaporizer spectrum, but then again so is the price tag. At more than $300, it’s hardly an option for your office secret Santa draw, but it is a very lovely gift for that person whose lungs you care about.

14. VAPRWEAR Discreet Vape Hoodie and DLo3 Multi-Vape System – $155.00

VAPRWEAR Discreet Vape Hoodie and DLo3 Multi-Vape System

You may like your weed loud, but not so loud the police are in on it. Take the stealth bonger in your life to the next level with a hoodie that has a custom dry herb, wax, e-juice or oil rig built right in. The hoodie conceals a rubber tube that ultimately connects to VAPRWEAR’s own dlo3 vape system — so consuming Cannabis on the go has never been stealthier. The kit includes the hoodie of your choice, along with a vape tank, two batteries and a USB charging port.

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