Happy HoliDaze: The 2016 Stoner Gift Guide!

marijuana gift guide for stoners


The bong had been packed by your best bud with care,
 in hopes that a solid buzz soon would be there.
The hippies were smiling, grinding their regs, 
while visions of Hot Pockets baked in their heads.
A bowl full of dank and all is quite zen, let’s spark up this blunt and shop for a friend!

Disclaimer: The suggestions and reviews in our 2016 stoner gift guide are unsolicited! No one here at 4TwentyToday received any compensation in exchange for including the items in this list. We picked ’em simply because we’ve used them, wish we had them, or they’re just plain dank. We also strive to include a a range of price points to accommodate every marijuana-enthusiasts budget. Happy Holiblaze 4TT!

Christmizzle Sweater

Snoop Dogg represents the very best of both worlds. He is equal parts ’90s gangsta rapper and 2016 spirizzle of Christmizzle. Snoop is so tough he has been embraced by hardened criminals such as Martha Stewart as well as being recruited into alternative television cooking shows.

Now the Dee-Oh-Double-Gee is decking the halls with green shiz that ain’t no holly, and his ‘ugly’ sweaters won’t be beat. Available at for a merry old $45, these Snoop-inspired sweaters are fo shizzle the bizzle!

Buy one for your dad, you won’t regret it.


The Crafty by Storz & Bickel is a pocket-sized vaporizer that delivers a quality hit of cool, vaporized herb by way of the finest German engineering and technology on the market.

crafty-vapeThe Crafty delivers a smooth taste, is easy to draw, and it feels good to use, fitting snuggly in the hand like the grip of a small handgun, or bouquet of flowers, as the case may be. Perhaps more importantly, according to studies such as the one published by the National Institutes of Health, it is better for your lungs than smoking the herb analogue-style.

Arguably the best, cleanest and most convenient way to inhale cannabis on the market today, the Crafty is the Tesla of weed consumption. Their cool, new dosing magazine (sold separately for about $7), even allows one to carry eight ready packed bowls at once – making it great for sneaky smoke sessions on the go. The Remote Control app for the Android or iPhone enables one to monitor battery charging, set temperature and then send notifications when those settings are reached. It’s a pretty sweet gadget.  

Admittedly, it’s a little pricey at $339 from Storz & Bickel. However, in the long run, the Crafty is a great investment because, as opposed to smoking weed which destroys all the THC by combustion, vaporizing your favorite ‘erb means that up to 30 percent of the original THC can still be extracted from the pre-vaped bud, or “PVB.”

Because the THC has already been activated by vaping it, PVB is perfect for making edibles. Essentially the device gives you two go-rounds from every one of those beautiful green buds that you buy.

The Magical Butter Machine

magical-butter-machineBy far our favorite product on this list, it is an investment (hurry, if you order this week you’ll enjoy $60 off and FREE shipping!), but we’d say well worth it of you’re a fan of making your own edibles. Maybe you have some pre-vaped bud to use, or perhaps you have a hankering for more creative and  yummy edibles from that dank flower… well, what to do? You can either kick it old school and extract the THC on a stove top, or you can automate the whole process with the MagicalButter machine.

As the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor, the MagicalButter machine is specifically designed to make cannabis butter, oil, and tinctures that can be used to create delicious edibles with such little effort that even The Dude wouldn’t find it too taxing. 

The MagicalButter machine does all the messy work for you. It’s simple to use: just drop your bud in the pitcher, add some butter and a little lecithin powder into the machine, then press the button on the lid. It will grind, heat, stir and steep your weed extract while you sit back and chill. And, the machine automatically times everything for you and makes sure everything is at the correct temperature throughout.

Thoughtfully, the MagicalButter company supplies customers with a sweet cooking glove (known as the LoveGlove) to handle the hot pitcher once the butter is made, and a purify filter to pour the butter through into a storage container. Nice.

Being traditionalists, and it being the holidays, we decided to use our butter to make some delicious cookies, which were strong enough to ensure we all have a very happy holiday indeed. But, don’t be fooled by our simple choices and lack of culinary skills; for the budding chefs out there have amazing recipes one can make with extracted weed, ranging from lobster and mascarpone ravioli to meatloaf cupcakes with loaded mashed potatoes.  

Ultimately, the MagicalButter machine is, well, kinda magic. It’s pretty value-priced at $174.95 ($116 with free shipping this week!) directly from It is a great time-saving device and makes cooking your weed into deliciousness a sweet and easy process. Give one to your mom, or someone you know who loves to cook, for the holidays, next time they make you a meal, it’ll be a whole new world.


Weed: The User’s Guide: A 21st Century Handbook for Enjoying Marijuana

Do you love to read after weed?

This new book from David Schmader – a man who also happens to be the world’s greatest authority on the world’s greatest awful movie (“Showgirls”) looks at the new century of marijuana legalization in the United States.

We are in a golden age of legal weed and Schmader delivers a fun and informative account of the progress of recreational legalization in Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska, along with 25 more states that have legalized medical marijuana.

There is plenty here to enjoy, with a witty guide to the history of our favorite ‘erb, some great recipes, safety tips, and info on medical marijuana use.

For $12.88 for the hardcover on Amazon Prime, it is the perfect last-minute gift for that stoner in your life who feels the need for a weedy read. Enjoy.

Knit Waterpipe and Lighter Holder Set

il_570xn-415094611_5q5oIf the homemade look is your thing, but you’re out of time to take that needle-work class you’ve had your eye on, consider something for the more tightknit members of your squad. Found on Etsy for $20, a hand-knit bong koozie could be a heart-warmer for your craftiest of friends. These handmade waterpipe sweaters include a cute lighter holder, are made in America and come in a variety of colors – including Rasta-fabulous green, red and gold. (Bong and lighter not included.)

The Original Bong Buddy

A lot of us are on a budget, but don’t want to leave our best buds out of the holiday spirit. A lot of us also waited until the last minute to figure that out. Well, if your bank account and calendar days until the holidays are wearing thin, there’s a perfect answer for you – The Original Bong Buddy. Bong Buddy is the rubber attachment for your bong, hookah or water pipe, which includes a retractable lighter leash so you never get caught without a light again. At $7.99, it’s a fool-proof gift that won’t break the bank. They also come in four colors: black, purple, green and red. With the Bong Buddy, you never have to have that “who stole my lighter?” debate again, because it’s tethered to your bong…forever! It fits on pretty much every bong size we tried, and seems virtually universal. Simply insert a Bic or equivalent lighter, wrap the silicone band around the tube of your pipe and forget lighter thieves forever (or until they become enterprising enough to nic the whole bong).

lego-deathstarLego Death Star

Finally, imagine that you are really high.

(We know – that’s a stretch.) Anyway, imagine that you have some long winter hours ahead of you to kill. That’s a lot of indoor time. Of course, you will enjoy some weed – maybe vaporized, maybe a homemade edible, but then what? Well, imagine combining Star Wars with Lego, and building the greatest thing ever. That’s what.

Sure, it is almost $500 directly from Lego, but it is huge, it is magnificent, and this cannot be stated strongly enough, it is the Death Star. 

There are so many build-able scenes recognizable from the movies: The trash compactor truly compacts, Lego Luke and Leia can really do the rope swing – you can even, ewww, knowing what you know now, make them kiss. Or you could switch to the Dark Side to aim and fire the world destroying laser cannon. Bye bye Alderaan. What’s more, this ridiculously awesome Lego set comes with no less than 23 mini-figures – yes, including R2D2. And Vader. Did we mention how awesome this thing is?

Seriously, if you love Star Wars and you love to smoke, and you love the idea of essentially a 4000+ piece 3D jigsaw puzzle, then this absolutely extravagant, and ridiculously expensive toy could be right up your alley. Watch the build video and then tell us this isn’t the coolest thing in the world.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday, from 4TwentyToday!

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