American Legion Officially Asks DEA to Remove Marijuana from Controlled Substances Act

The American Legion announced that the organization, which represents 2.4 million veterans, will officially request the federal government remove cannabis from Schedule 1 of the federal Controlled Substances Act, in order to explore the plant’s medicinal value in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

The move marks an important shift in the attitudes surrounding PTSD and the role of cannabis as medicine.

Recent data indicates that as many as 22 veterans commit suicide per day in the United States. The American Legion is asking the government to “reclassify it in a category that, at a minimum will recognize cannabis as a drug with potential medical value,” a statement from the organization reads.

The resolution was passed at the Legion’s annual convention last week. The American Legion statement cites the Drug Enforcement Administration recent launch of the country’s first randomized, controlled trial using whole-plant, smoked marijuana to treat PTSD.

Arizona researcher Sue Sisley will complete that study. Sisley struggled for nearly a decade to be able to conduct the study, ultimately tapping the University of Colorado, which will fund the research.

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