Church of England to Invest in Medical Marijauna

a british flag with a cannabis leaf

The Church of England, which is part of the Anglican Communion or, in the United States, The Episcopal Church has always been a little more progressive than other protestant faiths like the Lutherans, and arguably less regressive than the section of Christianity that is the Catholic Church.

The Church of England was founded by King Henry VIII’s desire to shun the power of the Bishop of Rome so he could get a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, who wasn’t able to produce him a son and heir. Therefore, it may not seem like such a controversial leap to see that, according to a report in The Financial Times, the Church of England is now considering investing in medical marijuana.  

Edward Mason, the head of responsible investment for the institution that takes care of the church’s $16 billion investment portfolio, made it clear in a press statement that the Church Commissioners for England will not be investing in the recreational side of the cannabis business.

Currently, cannabis is seeing an ever-growing market in investment opportunities around the world. Weed is now legal in Canada for recreational use, as it is in eleven states in the USA, and more states are lining up to get a part of the multi-billion dollar green market. According to equity research outfit Jefferies Financial Group, the global cannabis market will be worth at least $50 billion within the next decade.

“As an organization that believes in the spiritual and medicinal benefits of cannabis, we are very encouraged by the fact that the Church of England is showing leadership by investing in this space,” International Church of Cannabis Co-founding Member Adam Mutchler said. “We are very supportive of this effort, and believe that it will help to mitigate the fear of a plant that, if one believes in God, was put here for the mutual benefit of our species.”

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