Denver 420 Rally Cancelled Due to Snow

Saturday’s flurries have prompted organizers of the Denver 420 Rally to “reschedule” the event until future notice, even though the Denver Police Tweeted Friday that the events would continue despite the looming storms.

The National Weather Service announced a Winter Storm Warning which will remain in effect until 6 a.m. MDT Sunday.

Forecasters expect 2 to 5 inches in the northern urban corridor, and 10 to 18 inches in southern sections. Wind gusts of up to 35 mph are expected in some areas.

The weather can’t be controlled, but that didn’t stop users of social media from expressing their frustration.

“Traveled all the way from Europe to see this and I got here today man WTF,” commented @dabhash on Instagram.

Customers who bought their tickets to the Denver 420 Rally were alerted around noon Denver time on Saturday that the event in Civic Center Park “rescheduled due to weather and circumstances beyond its control. Civic Center Park will be closed to the public today. The new concert date and additional information will be released on in the near future,” organizers said.

Snapchat users were alerted Saturday by Massroots admins that “Wiz Khalifa and Lil’ Wayne’s private jet flights were cancelled,” preventing the show from happening. Cannabis social media platform Massroots is one of the main sponsors of the event.

Details about refunds for those that paid to attend the rally were not readily available although @Massroots commented on Instagram that “info for refunds will be available on Sorry for the troubles!”

In the meantime those hoping to celebrate 4/20 in Denver this weekend will have a snowy time finding something to do. With most dispensaries staying open (so far) through the white weather, staying entertained may not be so difficult.

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