Florida Anti-Medical Marijuana Group Campaigns on Misinformation

The propaganda machine is gearing up for Florida’s Nov.10 MMJ vote: according to opponents of Amendment 2, if passed, medical marijuana dispensaries will outnumber Walmarts and Walgreens locations in the state.

Drug Free Florida’s assertion is apparently based on the fallacy that any pharmacy would be able to fill a licensed physician’s medical marijuana recommendation.

However, the language of Amendment 2 is clear: “The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes.”

The language ensures that only state health officials will determine and supervise where and how licensed patients may acquire medical marijuana.

According to recent polls, Amendment 2 has garnered as much as 80 percent support from voters. The state Constitutional amendment needs 60 percent approval to pass. A similar amendment was narrowly defeated in 2014. Critics cited vague language in the amendment which had the potential to put pot in the hands of minors.

A revised amendment will now appear on voters’ ballots in November.

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