Apparently Kobe Bryant Was NOT Smoking Weed with Snoop (well, at least not in this picture)

kobe-bryant-snoop-dogg-pontiac-lakersA photo of retiring L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant in which the athlete sports bloodshot eyes and poses with outspoken marijuana enthusiast Snoop Dogg made it way around social media last week, but is allegedly a fake.

A Bryant spokesperson spoke to TMZ Sports, which reported that the picture was Photoshopped to make the basketball superstar’s eyes redder.

The original photo was snapped on Wednesday in L.A. and it didn’t take long for the Internet to adjust the photo, ostensibly for laughs.

However, Bryant’s spokesperson responded saying: “The picture is not real. He wasn’t smoking!” TMZ reports.

In case that wasn’t enough evidence, Bryant had apparently posted the original picture on social media before the stoned version surfaced.

In less fake news, check out the 1966 Pontiac Parisienne Snoop gave Bryant as a retirement gift.

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