Montel Williams Detained in Germany for Pot Possession

Montel Williams detained in Germany for possession of medical marijuana

Actor and director Montel Williams was detained by customs officials in a German airport after he says he inadvertently traveled with less than a gram of prescription marijuana powder in his bag.

Williams’ spokesperson Jonathan Franks told the Associated Press that Williams, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and has a valid California medical marijuana card, was detained for about an hour while officials verified the prescription.

The vacationing TV personality said via his spokesperson that he was not arrested or cited, and was treated with an exemplary amount of respect by Frankfurt Airport authorities.

The 60-year-old Williams has been a staunch advocate of medical marijuana, which he was prescribed by a respected MS expert to alleviate the pain caused by his condition.

“Unfortunately this is the reality faced by medical marijuana patients every day all over the world,” reads a statement posted to his Facebook page. “Today, Montel reaffirms his commitment to fighting for sensible medical marijuana policies across the world and to fighting the stigma he and so many other seriously ill Americans face every day for simply following the advice of their doctor — in Montel’s case a world class Multiple Sclerosis specialist.”

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