Oregon Rakes in More than $40 million in Marijuana Taxes, Rivals Colorado

The Oregon Department of Revenue said Monday that legal recreational marijuana sales have brought in $40.2 million in 2016 marijuana tax revenue as of October. Sales totaled more than $100 million.

Medical marijuana dispensaries began collecting a 25 percent sales tax on their recreational sales in January. Other licensed retailers are able to charge 17 percent; the roughly 400 dispensaries will be able to charge that amount at the end of this year. The state estimates there will be as many as “550 licensed retailers in 2017–19” According to the Marijuana Tax Fact Sheet.

In comparison, Colorado, the state which first legalized recreational cannabis in November of 2012, has fared slightly better.

This year, Colorado has brought in roughly $54 million in taxes and fees as of August, according to Colorado Department of Revenue data.

Oregon’s revenue will go to fund a slew of programs: 40 percent to the Common School Fund, 20 percent to mental health, alcoholism and drug services, 15 percent to Oregon State Police, 10 percent for city law enforcement, 10 percent for county law enforcement and 5 percent to the Oregon Health Authority for alcohol and drug abuse prevention, early intervention and treatment services.

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