Dozens of Toronto Pot Shops Raided for Selling Rec Weed

Toronto pot shop raids

Canadian police raided 43 Toronto pot shops on Thursday and made 90 arrests.

The move comes on the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s push to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Although medical marijuana is legal in Canada, only licensed providers can sell cannabis, and patients need a licensed physician’s approval. The charges mainly surrounded recreational sales.

Protesters rallied around their pot shops today, gathering outside police headquarters with signs that read “Save Our Dispensaries” and “Bad Laws, Bad Cops” and shouting at officers.

At a volatile press conference, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders announced the raids collected more than 590 pounds of dry herb marijuana, and a large amount of edibles.

Saunders said his department had received “significant complaints” from the community, including that the marijuana being sold was labeled with “inaccurate information” pertaining to THC content.

“It’s a danger that you don’t know where the [marijuana] is coming from,” Saunders told the media.

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