Weaponized Marijuana? Stop Calling ‘Spice’ Synthetic Marijuana!

Okay, stop it. You hear? Just fucking stop it. Stop calling ‘spice’ synthetic marijuana!

Damn. I’m pissed today. What do you mean why? Because, inbetween the endless features about Donald Trump, news organizations have been getting their collective panties in a bunch about so-called, ‘synthetic marijuana’ and making us all look bad.

I say ‘so-called’ because the garbage being sold in ghetto gas stations in cities across the country has absolutely nothing to do with weed.

Yup. The stuff they sell in packets labelled K2, Scooby Snax or Spice, looks a little bit like marijuana that’s true, but is actually far from it.

What it is, is random dried herbs, mostly from China, sprayed with chemical cannabinoids to give an effect that is nothing at all like that chill, medicinal high we all know and love.

Unlike real weed, which helps to prevent seizures, this nasty shit can actually cause seizures, along with leading to hallucinations and convulsions, along with really messing people up with scary psychological effects – including suicidal thoughts and violent outbursts.

So far this year, poison control centers around the country have reported more than 4,000 cases of people suffering the effects of this horrible stuff and, even worse – multiple police departments have attributed violent crimes to its use.

This is a massive problem. Why? Because, this disgusting weed-wannabe is giving our beloved and benign medicine a bad rap.

On Tuesday, calling it “a great and growing concern,” New York Police Commissioner William Bratton totally turned the propaganda up to eleven by referring to this shit as, “weaponized marijuana.”

Could he be any more of a dick? Commissioner Bratton knows full well that this stuff isn’t really weed, so why bring weed into it at all?

Look, we need to nip this, if you’ll pardon the pun, in the bud right now, before right-wing politicians and their pot-hating friends on Fox News use it as an excuse to continue to fight legalizing genuine medical marijuana.

So, why don’t we do this: every time we see something online, or hear someone use the term ‘synthetic marijuana,’ we calmly explain to them why this Chinese-made, chemical-laced crapola has nothing to do with medical marijuana and ask them to stop calling it that.

Tell them to call it ‘spice,’ if you like, just don’t call it marijuana.

So, what do you guys think? Can we make a difference? Comment below and let us know.

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1 Comment

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