What to Expect for Cannabis When the Polls Close

Today is election day! Legal recreational cannabis is on the ballot in Calif., Mass., Maine, Arizona and Nevada. Medical will appear on Montana, Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota ballots.

Here’s a handy chart which gives an idea of these initiatives’ chances:


The data, complied by the Marijuana Business Review looks at an average of all October polling data in states where marijuana legalization initiatives are on the ballot. “Support in most states is just above or below the threshold needed to pass and well within the margin of error,” MJ Business Review reports.

Also reported by the cannabis business news website: where the money to fight legalization comes from.

The big money to fight cannabis as medicine comes from casino/liquor-kingpin Sheldon Adelson, synthetic opioid producer INSYS Therapeutics, and Discount Tire founder Bruce Halle, buddy of the Arizona Sheriff who runs unconstitutional prisons and created “Operation No Drug Bust Too Small.”

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